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21 ep

Keeping RAW with the new co-host Brittany.

20th episode

Listen to our podcast, we talk about real shit

19th episode.

We give our unfiltered and unscripted opinion on different topics.

18th Episode - Birthday edition part 2

The Part 2 of the birthday edition.

18th Episode - Birthday edition

Happy Birthday to Yaz we having 2 parts to this sorry Zakk couldn't do his segment. 

17th Episode part 1

Listen to our unscripted and raw opinions. Thanks, everyone for listening to our podcast.

16th Episode

Yazzi Yaz talking about mental health and awareness this month 

May the fourth be with you

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Zakk with Sports and wrestling news, Shout out to LBO can't wait until he comes back we love you bro.

Erin with the TV  and movies news 

Juelz (HOST) talking about an article he read about the economy.

Darryle with the games keep it Raw

15th episode

Comes listen to the Raw and unfiltered opinions and topics. We got LBO with sports and Hood news, Erin with good movies and television. Yaz with the controversial topics, as usual, Darryle got it lock with the games let us know what it is and what to tune in for.

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14th the battle of the sexes

Is it okay for the step-parents to discipline the significant other child?

Do people have kids, with other races because they think the babies are prettier?

How you do feel about the state opening back up, putting people at risk to bring up the economy?

The NETFLIX shows what the best things to watch, hear here it from Erin.

Darryle gots the Games on lock with the new south park games fractured but whole.

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RAW released a lot of wrestlers, find out who? 

Sports news as well.



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