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12th episode: THE RAW WAY Wrestlemania 36 post talk, what to do while you’re at home. resident evil 3 just came out, what we think of it, and more.

Wrestlemania post talks, what are some things to do while you're at home on lockdown, resident evil 3 just came out we have our game expert opinion on that, what is the pathophysiology of corona and more listen to one of our best episodes.


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The Raw Report would like to keep you healthy it's good for the cognitive state. You're at home the best thing to do is to work out and maintain your health.

11th episode: The Corona effect is here.

updated news on coronavirus, what to expect and more.

10th episode: keeping it RAW

Our input on the coronavirus, 2 of us are in respiratory. We go into detail about the illness and gives our input. Tune in we have a lot of fun thank you 

9th episode

The Raw shit we're here all day. thanks, everyone for tuning in. We are giving away gifts next Monday at 630pm listen in. 

8th episode

a lot of fun we are here letting it be know, keep it RAW

7th episode

Fury Vs Wilder post talk, keeping raw, right off the top of the head. Not scripted, listen to us  and keep it RAWW!!!

6th episode.

6th episode, welcome to the raw report. We're keeping it raw, talking about rapping, valentine, WWE, All-star weekend, and we're freestyling.

5th episode

Come check us out, we coming right off the top. Nothing scripted. One of the hottest podcast around check us out.